Arena di Verona

The Arena di Verona is considered the world’s largest open air opera theatre: the Roman amphitheatre, built in the 1st century A.D., has a seating capacity of 13,500 and hosts approximately 500,000 spectators each season.
Its historic Opera Festival was founded on August 10, 1913. On this day, marking the centenary of Giuseppe Verdi’s birth, the amphitheatre opened with a production of Aida, which became the symbol and most performed title of the Festival. Since then, the Arena’s stage has hosted the world’s most famous performers and its grand sets have been designed by the most internationally renowned artists. In 2013, the Fondazione Arena celebrated the first 100 years of the Opera Festival, firmly cementing Verona’s place as one of the world’s music capitals.
The Arena, both a monument and a theatre, is therefore a symbol of Verona, one of the main cities of Italy’s Veneto region made famous worldwide in the immortal story of Shakespearean lovers Romeo and Juliet. Rich in art and culture, the city offers a wide array of monuments, museums, churches, and historic villas, as well as prestigious wines, traditional cuisine and a variety of natural sites such as Lake Garda and the Prealps; and, thanks to an efficient international airport and railway and motorway facilities, it is really easy to reach Verona and its Arena, the theatre under the stars.

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