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The Perfect American

Legendary composer Philip Glass's opera "The Perfect American", imagines the final months of the life of Walt Disney - the person who has, more than any other, influenced the current world of consumers.Children nowadays only see mice and ducks as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, thanks to the image invented for them by Walt Disney factory. In opposition to the world of happiness he devised, the existence of this perfect American was marked by an unhappy youth and a personality whose “political correctness” outdid that of even Richard Nixon.From the hand of Dennis Russell Davies, who has conducted almost all the premieres of Glass’s operas, and the stage director Phelim McDermott, we will be penetrating into the nightmare of a happy world.

 Read more Read less Duration: 111 min
  • Composer: Philip Glass
  • Libretto: Randy Wurlitzer
  • Walt Disney: Christopher Purves
  • Roy: David Pittsinger
  • Dantine: Donald Kaasch
  • Hazel George: Janis Kelly
  • Lillian Disney: Marie McLaughlin