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The Valkyries

The Valkyrie takes us on a theatrical voyage into a world that is in a never- ending state of war, whether on the battlefield or in the family. Nobody is willing to let anyone out of their sight. A father kills his son and rejects his daughter. From this tragedy the nightmares and hidden aspirations of human history emerge, ranging from dreams of lost paradise via the apocalypse to the utopian idea that at the final judgement an individual might be capable of bringing about the world’s redemption. Her name: Brünnhilde.

 Read more Read less Duration: 237 min
  • Composer: Richard Wagner
  • Conductor: Carl St. Clair
  • Orchestra, Chorus: Staatskapelle Weimar
  • Director: Michael Schulz
  • Soloists: Erin Caves, Kirsten Blanck, Catherine Foster