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Romeo and Juliet

Dominic Dromgoole's production brings refreshing clarity to one of Shakespeare's most famous and best-loved tragedies, drawing out the contemporary relevance of this passionate teenage love story. Ellie Kendrick, a truly youthful Juliet, and Adetomiwa Edun, a boyish Romeo, head an excellent cast whose period costumes point to the timelessness of parental disapproval, adolescent temperament, rivalry and violence. Filmed before a live audience at Shakespeare's Globe in the heart of London, its intimate and atmospheric setting adds immediacy and vitality to the humour and passion of Shakespeare's verse.

 Read more Read less Duration: 171 min
  • Romeo: Adetomiwa Edun
  • Juliet: Ellie Kendrick
  • Tybalt: Ukweli Roach
  • Benvolio: Jack Farthing
  • Paris: Tom Stuart
  • Mercutio: Phil Cumbus
  • Montague: Michael O'Hagan
  • Capulet: Ian Redford
  • Stage Director: Dominic Dromgoole