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Banned for 74 years for preaching anti-Soviet ideals, and not performed since it’s premiere in 1931, the Bolshoi Theater’s production of Shostakovich's The Bolt is revived with choreography by Alexei Ratmansky. Although today’s version has been called “incredibly exciting, outrageously entertaining, and improbably edifying, providing great fun for communists and capitalists alike”, Shostakovich was less than enthusiastic about the original plot, and described it as follows:“There's a machine. Then it breaks down (problem of wear and tear on equipment). Then they fix it (problem of amortization), and at the same time they buy a new one. Then everyone dances around the new machine. Apotheosis. All this takes three acts."

 Read more Read less Duration: 105 min
  • Nastya: Anastasia Yatsenko
  • Yan: Andrei Merkuriev
  • Denis: Denis Savin
  • Music: Dmitri Shostakovich
  • Libretto: Viktor Smirnov
  • Choreographer: Alexei Ratmansky