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Guidance - This video contains Suitable for general audiences.


OPUS 14 serves as a continuation of Kader Attou's previous work “Prière pour un fou” (Prayer for a Fool), “Corps étrangers” (Foreign Bodies), Symfonia Piesni Zalosnych, and The Roots; with recent choreographic studies leading to his further blending of artistic influences. How does this dancing collective manage to generate a dynamic, to become part of space? How do the dancers play with the limits of gravity, a fundamental principle of movement? How do they adapt the idea of elevation in zero gravity? Power, otherness, commitment, poetry of bodies. Ultimately, OPUS 14 is a piece of hip hop. It aims to create a sense of harmony between the dancers, Oliver Borne's scenography and Régis Baillet's music to set a painting come to life.Attou describes OPUS 14 as 'a tribute to the weakest and an ode to dancing humanity.'

 Read more Read less Duration: 72 min
  • Choreographer: Kader Attou
  • Company: Compagnie Accrorap
  • Dancers: Mickaël Arnaud, Sim'Hamed Benhalima, Damien Bourletsis, Amine Boussa, Sarah Bouyahyaoui, Bruce Chiefare, Babacar “Bouba” Cissé, Virgile Dagneaux, Erwan Godard, Nicolas Majou, Kevin Mischel, Jackson Ntcham, Artem Orlov, Mehdi Ouachek, Nabil Ouelhadj, Soria Rem
  • Director: Jean-Marc Birraux
  • Composer: Régis Baillet
  • Costumes: Nadia Genez