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Boxe Boxe Brasil

Boxe Boxe Brasil

After the success of their collaboration in Boxe Boxe (2010), choreographer Mourad Merzouki and the Debussy string quartet once again explore the mixing of genres. This piece transforms boxing into a poetic dance, accompanied by music that channels Brazilian energy through classical string instruments. Although they are improbable, Merzouki and Compagnie Käfig’s crossbreeding of genres and styles consistently prove visionary and exciting. Boxe Boxe Brasil is no exception.

 Read more Read less Duration: 63 min
  • Choreographer: Mourad Merzouki
  • Company: Compagnie Käfig
  • Composer: Quatuor Debussy and AS'N
  • Director: Mohamed Athamna
  • Dancers: Diego Alves Dos Santos, Cleiton Luiz Caetano De Oliveira, Aguinaldo De Oliveira Lopes, Helio Robson Dos Anjos Cavalcanti, Geovane Fidelis Da Conceição, Diego Gonçalves Do Nascimento Leitão, Wanderlino Martins Neves, Jose Amilton Rodrigues Junior, Alexsandro Soares Campanha Da Silva
  • Costumes: Emilie Carpentier
  • Orchestra: Quatuor Debussy: Christophe Collette, Marc Vieillefon, Vincent Deprecq, Cédric Conchon

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