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Titus Andronicus

Titus has returned from a brutal 10-year war having lost 21 sons in battle. Betrayed by his nation, and with his family in pieces, a series of bloody events follows as he and Tamora, Queen of the Goths, begin a violent cycle of revenge. Rape, cannibalism, mutilation and murder are the gruesome tools in Shakespeares bloodiest play. "The title role could not currently be better cast. David Troughton is a fine deadpan comic yet one who always ensures theres a shadow lowering across the joke, and is also first-rate at the serious, even somber material. Blanche McIntyres production appears at first to be simply modish in setting the play amid contemporary-flavored upheavals, but this pays off increasingly as she gets both humorous and serious mileage out of the conventions and nuances of public political rhetoric, with figures behind a lectern delivering pieces to camera." (The Financial Times) A sharp, confident and imaginative modern-dress reading. Bloody good. (Evening Standard) A terrific cast give a masterclass in power and paranoia in this tremendous modern-day revival of Shakespeares tale of revenge. (The Guardian)

 Read more Read less Duration: 172 min
  • Titus Andronicus: David Troughton
  • Marcus Andronicus: Patrick Drury
  • Saturninus: Martin Hutson
  • Nurse: Kristin Atherton
  • Lavinia: Hannah Morrish
  • Aaron: Stefan Adegbola
  • Quintus: David Burnett
  • Tamora: Nia Gwynne
  • Writer: William Shakespeare