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The Pianist of Yarmouk

The 2016 Grand Prix winner at International Television Festival Golden Prague, The Pianist of Yarmouk tells the true story of Ayham Ahmad - a Syrian refugee musician. Surrounded by ruins in Syria’s capital Damascus, Ayham sings accompanied by an out-of-tune piano about migration, hunger and death, until he is forced to flee to Germany. After his arrival in Munich, we follow the life of a man who sang out against the suffering in his country until his instrument was destroyed. His story is just one of many - one instance out of thousands who have been robbed of hopes and dreams and forced to build a new existance.new existence.

 Read more Read less Duration: 30 min
  • Starring: Ayham Ahmad
  • Directors: Günter Atteln & Carmen Belaschk
  • Editor: Dirk Seliger